Avaya Telephone Systems Riyadh

AVAYA PBX SYSTEM Riyadh is really a highly modular unified communications platform intended to meet the criteria of home offices, standalone businesses, and networked branch and head offices for medium and small sized organizations. Avaya’s reliable and secure solutions are trusted by both small and large organizations, from government to residential.

Avaya Telephone systems Riyadh is really a recognized leader in delivering communications capabilities and secure & protect your important information. Serving both carrier’s networks and enterprise customers, PBXCentralITservicesSystems provide you with Avaya technology solutions encompassing end-to-end , multimedia services and applications and wireless broadband facilities.

The award-winning IP Office 500 PBX System gives growing companies a complete solution for telephony, messaging, networking, conferencing, customer management and unified communications. Avaya IP500 Riyadhis a single, compact solution, Avaya IP Office offers an unprecedented number of innovative communications capabilities to assist the employees work smarter and get in touch with customers more efficiently.

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Avaya Remote Office & Voice Mail

Many companies are branch offices in various locations. Providing both seamless communications and usage of advanced productivity tools through the entire organization without wasteful duplication of investments is vital to survival and growth of a business. Avaya’s PBX provide networking capabilities to enable one particular centralized voicemail system for call coverage through the entire organization in addition to private networking to improve effective team operations and connectivity between systems more than a converged backbone. These capabilities are offered without large dedicated investments or high re-occurring expenses.




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Advantages of Avaya Telephone systems

Avaya IP Office combines advanced, large business functionality together with the simplicity of use and simplified management that small business owners require. Business benefits include:

Total Solution: Complete voice and data communication solution for SMEs

Dual Function: Operates being a traditional telephone system or an IP telephony server

Flexible: Supports both single locations and multi-site networks

Feature Rich: Basic call centre and voice messaging capabilities are built-in.

Future Proof: Scalable, so can grow with the business

Avaya Telephone systems Riyadh offering Unified Communications that enables customers to experience greater productivity with the convergence of communication channels and business processes simply by making use of a new blend of technologies, devices and services. Avaya Communications tools like presence, status, mobility, collaboration, video and voice conferencing, and messaging all can be utilized.

Every company has unique products and services. To fulfill the unique challenges that grow with this diversity, Office phone systems should be flexible enough to satisfy the requirements these types of services and products require. With the AVAYA IP Office Private Branch eXchange (PBX) systems and related applications, today’s SMBs can have each of their communication as well as networking needs met through Avaya telephone systems Riyadh.

Avaya Support & Avaya Installation

ASERiyadh makes a specialty of sales and support of the Avaya IP Office 500 telephone system. Located in Riyadh, KSA, we’ve been supporting the entire KSA, servicing businesses with their Avaya phone system’s needs. we’ve got Avaya trained engineers all set to help you in supporting your system. Regardless of whether you have a small 3 extension telephone system, or perhaps a large, multi-location complex implementation, our Engineers are prepared to help program and support your Avaya system. We’ll assist you to program your Avaya system properly and coach you on every one of the advanced features it supports, so that you can obtain the most from your telephone system investment. We’re not simply a telephone system support company, but a full fledge IT Managed Services business that comprehend the IT / networking side of your Avaya IP Office. The Avaya IP Office VoIP based Telephone systems require Engineers who understand IT as well as networking in addition to traditional PBX technologies, which means this gives us a competitive advantage over traditional PBX Companies in Riyadh.

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Get complete project management services for brand new telephone system installations and comprehensive support packages for new and existing Avaya IP500 and IP Office telephone system users.

AVAYA IP Office 500 is really a leading make of telephone in KSA also it offers quality value to several customers in the region. We offers complete support and assistance concerning the installation and maintenance of AVAYA IP Office 500 telephone systems We have extensive industry experience and thus far we hold a reputable record of providing valuable services for installation and telephone system maintenance.

Our solution for IP PBX Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Al Khobar, Jubail, Mecca & Medinais Customized Solution that is as per customer requirement & We can maintain and install the Avaya Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Al Khobar, Jubail, Mecca & Medinatelephone systems as well. The best quality about ASE solution for IP PBX System Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Al Khobar, Jubail, Mecca &Medina is that it truly understands how important a phone system is for any company.

The truth is that it is not possible to run a company at all if it does not have a proper phone system. ASE ensures that it makes most of the advanced features of Avaya and offers the best solution to any business so that you can make the most of the opportunity as the customer. This company surely looks for long-term clientele by providing the best services to the customer.

The Best Perception of Avaya IP Office

The prime objective of designing Avaya IP Office Riyadh is to meet the communications challenges in a much better way. Avaya IP Office is a complete solution in itself that can effectively understand the business needs of small and medium sized businesses. It is quite possible to scale from about 2 to about 360 extensions for suiting head offices, networked branches, standalone businesses, offices, and homes. Avaya IP Office is available in four different editions that include IP Office Basic Edition, IP Office Preferred Edition, IP Office Advanced Edition and IP Office Essential Edition.

Avaya IP Office Editions

Avaya IP Office comes in four editions: IP Office Basic Edition, IP Office Essential Edition, IP Office Preferred Edition and IP Office Advanced Edition.

Avaya IP 0ffice Basic Edition

IP Office Basic Edition is the lowest level package for Avaya's IP Office system, incorporating voice messaging and basic auto attendant

  1. Voicemail box for all employees on the system; voicemail notifications on email
  2. Limited automated attendants can be programmed for basic routing of incoming calls
  3. Basic Edition only works with Analog and digital handsets and only scales to 100 users

Avaya IP 0ffice Essential Edition

IP Office Essential Edition is the entry level IP package for Avaya's IP Office system, incorporating voice messaging, basic auto attendant and mobility features for all users

  1. Voicemail box for all employees on the system; ability to send voicemail to email
  2. Automated attendants can be programmed for basic routing of incoming calls
  3. Dial By Name - Using your internal directory, callers can easily search the person they wish to connect with via touch tone.

Avaya IP 0ffice Preferred Edition

IP Office Preferred Edition is our most commonly requested package, adding conferencing, call routing, call recording & flexible programming.

  1. Sophisticated advanced Voicemail Pro
  2. Secure Meet Me Conferencing: Users can host their own conference calls with personal pin codes, up to 128 parties in total.
  3. Automated call routing - Multiple and multi-level as well as conditional routing to ensure that the right person gets the call.
  4. Call recording to a voicemail box - Automatic and on demand ability to record incoming or outgoing calls that you pre-set based on need for a specific frequency or that you enable instantly with the push of a button.
  5. Flexible programming via a graphical user interface - makes customizable call routing changes to your business easy and quick to implement.

Avaya IP 0ffice Advanced Edition

With IP Office Advanced Edition, calls received outside of business hours (and even during business hours) are completely streamlined. Allow customers to access information, check status of orders, and more using integrated voice response services. Enable customers to request information, customers (and employees) to complete surveys providing valuable insight to their experience and satisfaction without tying up your staff. Callers will be asked a customized question and given time to respond prior to the next question being asked. Responses can be audio and touch-tone. This form filler capability ensures that all required information is gathered in a logical and clear manner. Retrieval of responses is as simple as listening to a voicemail message.

With IP Office Advanced Edition you can balance work load of employees by distributing calls among staff members. Measure staff productivity of call handling and identify areas where change is needed. Customer conversations can be recorded and played back at a later time through an interface that allows you to search quickly for the desired call. Know where to provide coaching to staff members to improve customer service. IP Office Advanced Edition allows you to utilize your employee’s time and talent wisely; empowering you to personalize service to customers as they prefer.

Avaya IP 0ffice Edition

AVAYA IP Office 500 Telephone System Benefits for Businesses

AVAYA telephone systems offer valuable and efficient communicative assistance to help with the growth of your business and achievement of your business objectives. There is much more to AVAYA IP Office 500 telephone systems than these being VOIP telephone systems. Installing these to carry out business communication you can gain access to technology that offers numerous benefits. These include:

  1. Easy and convenient communication with remote and mobile staff
  2. Cost reduction
  3. Increased consumer satisfaction
  4. Growth acceleration and enhanced organisation
  5. Access to hybrid telephone system technology
  6. Effectively operational for facilitating communication between 5 to over 2000 employees.

Collaborate Like Never Before In Real Time

Communicate like never before. Respond immediately. Share information, anytime, anywhere, via any device. You’ll have the power of a unified communications system that connects everyone— your people, your customers, your partners. A system that’s incredibly sophisticated, yet remarkably simple to use. Go ahead and grow—IP Office is fully capable of handling up to 1,000 users in a single site or across multiple sites. With Avaya and IP Office, you have a complete, across-the-board solution that brings it all together. From telephony and video to mobility and call center applications, to networking, security, and ongoing services, Avaya IP Office will help give your business a competitive edge. Let you do more, with less. Drive profitable growth, without driving up costs. Perform better now and in the future.

Managing The Bring Your Own Device Trend

IP Office easily and securely integrates with most popular smart devices, bringing full desktop communication capabilities to employees no matter where they go. Employees can be more productive. Businesses can save by reducing company-owned mobile devices. Mobile devices are an integral—and expected—part of doing business and in keeping your work force productive. In fact, nearly three-quarters of companies allow for some sort of BYOD usage. Tablets, smartphones and laptop tablets use continues to rise. Just ask any one of your employees, you may find they’re using solutions you might prefer they weren’t, while opening security holes you want to keep closed. A secure, powerful, mobile collaboration solution is critical to getting your lifestyle and your work forces lifestyle back in balance whilst equipping everyone with the latest capabilities and the same possibilities.